Top 5 Employee Monitoring Software Tools

In this era of remote jobs, companies need insight into their employees’ working hours and productivity more than ever. That’s why, here comes the term employ monitoring software.  Employee monitoring software allows companies to track employee productivity including screen activity, browser history, performance during work hours, track location, and so on. 

However, multiple employee monitoring software is available to evaluate efficiency. So finding the best can take time and effort. Don’t worry, we make a shortlist of top employee monitoring software that impacts the overall growth of your company.

Benefits of employee monitoring software

Employee monitoring software can ensure valuable insights into employee’s overall performance. It also empowers companies to wield more productive workforce management. Another notable benefit of employee monitoring software is security. It can prevent data leaks, security breaches, and unauthorized activities. 

Top 5 Employee Monitoring Software Tools


Controlio is a cloud-based employee monitoring software that runs on Windows or MAC. With Controlio you can easily monitor what’s happening on your employees’ screens live, websites or applications they use during working hours, their browser history, and much more. This software also Tracks the productive and distracting activities of an employee. So this tool is best for small to mid-sized businesses.

  • From 7.99$/ month /user 
  • 14-day free trial available.


Hubstaff is simple but powerful workforce management software that allows screenshots, billing, online timesheets, in-depth reports, payroll management, invoicing, and more. This software offers you a detailed productivity report and an understanding of where you can implement improvement plans to ensure workflow and increase profits. So it is best for real-time employee monitoring. 

  • From $7/ month/ employee 
  • 14-day free trial available 


ActivTrak is an employee monitoring tool that allows you to get instant visibility into employee engagement and productivity. Having a feature of informative dashboards, this software provides you with a detailed summary of workforce performance and productivity. its advanced weekly coaching summaries help you to focus on the areas where employees are struggling. 

  • From $10/month/user 
  • 14-day free trial available 


Teramind is the leading employee monitoring software that prevents insider threats and data loss. Its comprehensive tracking functionality allows user activity monitoring, including live views of employee PCs, screen recording, emails, and Keystroke tracking. This software also provides you with a workforce productivity analysis so that you will be able to know the productive working hours of staff, and how much time they spend on unproductive activity.

  • From $15/month /user 
  • 3-day free trial is available 


Insightful is a comprehensive employee monitoring software with the features of computer activity tracking, automatic screenshots, verified attendance, employee engagement, and project budgeting and proof of work. Employees working time is automatically tracked in this tool. that’s why it is Best for monitoring how  productively employees spend  their time during  workstations

  • From $8/ month/ employee 
  • 7-day free trial is available 

Final words 

Employee monitoring software is not only used for enhancing productivity but also for preventing potential risks and liabilities from businesses. You can also utilize softwares like Microsoft’s MyAnalytics. That’s the reason behind Most companies invest in employee monitoring systems. This software optimizes their employees’ claim and reimbursement processes.

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