Before going to shop for groceries, most people usually have a list that they prepare. However, you will agree that more often than not, people come back with more items than is on the grocery list. Check UK.collected.reviews for grocery items that people purchase frequently.

Now you may wonder why people buy more than they planned for when they go grocery shopping. It is not because they are greedy or because they have more money neither is it because they do not know the right choice to make to have a healthy diet. This happens because of certain marketing strategies that food stores use to influence our decision.

Here are 5 ways that food stores market products to affect our food choices.

1.     Special Offers:

When you get into a store, you will find special offers positioned in places that are more glaring than the original offers. This is to make you notice the offer and since it is a special offer, you tell yourself that you will be saving more by grabbing that offer and so you pick an item or two off that shelf. Special offers could come in the form of buy one, get one free or a certain percentage off the initial price of the item. Either way, you will see reasons why buying it is economical and you will be compelled to buy it without anyone even convincing you.

2.     Loyalty and Reward Cards:

A lot of food stores offer loyalty cards to their customers. These cards allow you to receive cashback when you buy goods up to a certain price. The more you buy, the more cashback you receive and human beings always want free things so people will buy more to receive more cashback in their reward cards. Reward cards also allow customers to stay loyal to a particular store. When they even find themselves in a different location, they tend to find the store so they can use the store’s reward card.

3.     Price:

Stores advertise their prices as the best that you can get so that you want to buy from them and not worry about going to another store to get something for a cheaper price. By doing this, they make you see reasons why you will be saving money by buying from them and even when you do not have plans to buy that item, the fact that you have found it for the cheapest price available will make you buy it for the fear that the prices might go up if you decide to go and come back.

4.     Signatory Products:

Food stores produce their food items and brand them with their names. Items like noodles, cereals, beverages, etc are some of the items that these stores merchandise with their name. These items are usually cheaper than that of the big brands which compel people to buy.

5.     Store Layout:

The way a food store is arranged also plays a very important role in influencing people. First, flowers and other beautiful things are placed at the entrance to give you a warm welcome. The items that people purchase well are kept at the far end and the ones that are not frequently purchased are kept in the middle so that people can see these items while they walk to get what they want at the back. Sweets and chocolates are also placed at the counter so that people can buy while they wait for their turn in the queue.

Now that you know the marketing strategies used by food stores to affect our food choices, make sure to check out for these strategies when next you visit a food store.

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