Tips on Choosing a Comment System for WordPress

Looking for a comment system for good WordPress?

There are many commenting platforms or comment systems for WordPress scattered out there, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a comment platform for your WordPress blog is a bit difficult. Most certainly agree that comment fields are useful for improving user engagement on the blog, which can make the user feel at home for longer and even back again to check how his comments got a response.

I try to share tips on choosing comment platform for good blog while describing each kind of comment platform that is widely used today.

  1. Default WordPress comment

If you are of a blog owner who wants to be conservative, want simplicity and not too concerned with social media publications. WordPress default commenting system is quite used, often with premium templates, comment view is also made to be interesting. The disadvantages are vulnerable to spam, but many anti-spam plugins can be used.

  1. Facebook comment

Installation of comments from Facebook system is easy and many kinds. What are the advantages? User comments will be posted also on the Facebook wall, indirectly help to share your articles on Facebook. It’s anti-spam unless the Facebook user is …