Web developers are people who ensure that your company stands out on your website. They have the caliber to make people feel the essence of your product and services. Millions of website is designed everyday across the world. These website are viewed by billions of people all around. Website is quite a unique thing that gives insights about the company. People ensure that the design and content of the company is exactly imparted to the reader. They bank on the website for building an image on the viewer. They give hundreds of hours to get it perfect before launch.

Every industry has a different motive to create a website. Some create it to impart information to general public for changes and amendments in law, policies and much more. These are basically the sites those are visited by people with need in concerned department. Some are e-commerce portals which are mainly for in trading of goods and services. These are highly complex but user friendly sites. These are used more frequently by public for almost everything like comparison between two laptop or two mobile, to learn about the features of new systems. These are majorly responsive sites.

Developing a responsive web design essential for SEO. It integrates social media and is mobile friendly sites. People prefer mobile friendly sites as they can view it on the go. It also helps to reach more people. Today more than 75% adults own a smart phone, hence, to have a reach to their finger tips makes it easier for a company to attain better response. Also, more than 60% of access of internet is done from mobile phone. Further to it most purchases are done from mobile itself. Google also prioritizes responsive website.

It is difficult to have visitor retention on a non-responsive website. Bouncing rate increases on a static website. Other factor that plays a vital role in visitor retention is the speed of loading a website. No doubt that the connection of the user also matters but some websites are so heavy that they take time to load, hence, people with less patience tend to change the page in fraction of seconds. People may come with definite purpose or just visit randomly to pass their time, in both of the cases they want the access to the content with no time spent.

People are spending more time on mobile and that is where responsive website creates an easy space with them to influence the consumer to their desired front. You can also use 3D technology on websites to enhance the appearance. One should not forget that content heavy website also gets less response as people need space to read and pictures or images to let is look easy and pleasant. Having all said Media Plus is a company with extra mile services of Web Development in Singapore. They have all the expertise needed with a team of professionals who can visualize the reach and create SEO friendly content for your website with great ease.