You can improve your Utah SEO results easily and effectively by using images in your online marketing, digital content and web design.

Visual artifacts – photographs, diagrams, infographics, even memes – engage your prospects and customers, drawing them in and holding their attention. And, when you use the best practices for SEO optimization, they can improve your position in the search engine rankings.

The Persuasive Power of Images in Online Marketing

Imagery is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use in your business, both in traditional and online marketing. Images help you establish your brand’s credibility and capture – and hold – the attention of your audience in ways that words cannot.

Research demonstrates that we are much more likely to remember pictures than words and, although it’s not quite a thousand, a single image is worth 84.1 words. They increase conversion rates, improve retention and comprehension and drive traffic to your site like nothing else can.

For engaging prospects, images trump product descriptions and, in many cases, even customer reviews. Internet users are significantly more likely to read an article or blog post if it contains even a single image, and they’re much more inclined to share it on social media and with friends and family.

As psychologically powerful as imagery is, however, it can also work magic for your search engine optimization.

How Images Can Boost Your SEO

The SEO-boosting power of photos, infographics, diagrams and other visual elements cannot be ignored today.

Google’s algorithm rewards you for improving the user’s experience, as images do. And every image, graphic or other visuals you include on your website and in your online content provide multiple opportunities for search engine optimization.

Although it’s not always appropriate or possible, adding structured data to your images is another way to boost your Utah SEO. Google’s structured data guidelines say that it won’t necessarily improve your page rank but it will dramatically improve the way your listing is displayed in the search results – improving your chances of getting click-throughs.

How to Use Images in Your Digital Marketing

Storytelling is a powerful marketing technique, in both the traditional and online spaces. Find ways to add appropriate imagery to all your digital content.

This could involve illustrating a how-to article with photos or screenshots. Use diagrams to help your reader visualize a complex point or process. Feature photos of your products, your staff, your facility and anything else that helps communicate who you are as a company. Use actual images of your customers using your product or engaging with your team.

To avoid any legal liability, always acquire your images legally. Use high-quality images but optimize them so that they load quickly, even on your mobile interface. Optimize them for Google’s algorithms too, using keyword-optimized file names, titles, captions and alt-text.

Last but not least, structure infographics and images so that others can embed them in their own content. This is a great way to increase backlinks, another way to improve your SEO. For so many reasons, adding images to your website and digital content will not only make the experience better for your prospects and customers, but it can also help you improve your Utah SEO results.