SEO, A quarter of a century ago, when SEO was still in its infancy, it was very easy to place keywords and get lots of backlinks to increase rankings in search results.

the fundamental approach will be a memory distance, along with Google, Bing, Fire Fox and other search engines.

The habits of subsequent searches will also evolve. Google remains in its position, of course, the search winner. So, an in-depth understanding of Google algorithms becomes very important for the LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix marketers.

And in this article I will discuss SEO trends that are commonly used today. Therefore, see this article to the end, so you can find out.

SEO Trend 2019

There are so many trends in the SEO industry that we have seen from the beginning of the year to the end of this year, then which trend will be the most superior in 2019?

Here are some trends that you still need to pay attention to for your website:

Link Building

Link building is not expected to disappear in 2019, it will be something more important than before to create a strategy to reach quality links.

It is not necessary to aim for new links if they do not add value and help to build an authority in your target niche circle.

As in last May, Google commemorated the publishers who were too dependent on guest posts which would be a closer review of the guest blog in an experiment to monitor the doubtful and spammy links.

Snippet Features & Quick Response

The popularity of the primacy of snippets has increased competition among companies that try to appear at position 0 in the SERP. Benefit from snippet in delivering search requirements to specific combination factors, which have been opened by the highest level of traditional SEO to Google.

  • Based on a study, almost 30% of Google search queries show snippet features. This has led to a necessity in the strategy on how to optimize a site’s content to meet Google’s standards for the snippet feature.

Mobile-first index

2019 is more than likely to be the year in which brand owners will be well aware of the great potential in prioritizing mobile devices rather than storing them as umpteenth thoughts.

You can use Mobile-Friendly Test tools to find out if your site supports mobile devices.

  • This proved to be true when Google decided to make 2018 finally become the year when it would spread the Mobile-first index.