There are quite a few best VPN providers in this world and Ivacy is one of them. Ivacy has been serving its customers since 2007 and quite surprisingly joined the ‘Big Leagues’ of VPN in a short period.

Ivacy functions globally, offering 450+ servers in 100+ locations. Ivacy has never disappointed its customers with regards to their online experiences.


One of the factors that brought Ivacy to set up this benchmark today is its budget-friendly packages in different categories.

It means that it offers either same or better services at a relatively lower price.

There are a total of three packages provided by Ivacy that includes:

  • Monthly package ($9.95/month)
  • Yearly package ($3.33/month) with 66% of savings
  • Two-year package ($2.25/month) with 77% of savings.

It gives you an idea of how Ivacy is a better option and also a reason for you to buy Ivacy.


    Monthly   Quarterly   Semi-annually   Yearly   Two-year
Express $13 $60 $100
PIA $7 $40 $70
Nord $12 $84 $96
Ipvanish $7.5 $20.24 $59
Ivacy $9.95 $40 $54

Furthermore, Ivacy offers a variety of protocols:

  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • SSTP
  • TCP
  • UDP

Every protocol offers different encryption and speed, different ISPs support different protocols, and some may support all of them. In case a protocol functions slow and has a weak connection then you can select a protocol you desire to use that is offering better speed and encryption.


Ivacy has many features that compel you to get Ivacy on your systems. The features include ‘No Browsing Logs’ policy, which means that Ivacy is protecting your data from being monitored by ISPs and even governments.

At the same time, Ivacy does not keep records on its users. Also, Ivacy offers a dedicated IP that saves you from any unauthorized access.

Other than that, it gives you opportunities like doing online shopping at low prices, how? You can access the sites from different destinations allowing yourself to buy low priced products.

Similarly, Ivacy also allows you to avail low airfares. A ticket bought from a US IP might cost you less from a Ukrainian IP.

With Ivacy your ISP can’t see your activities, hackers can’t hack your device, your ISP won’t throttle your speed, you will be able to stream geo-restricted channels, all websites will be accessible, and none of your activities leads back to you.

In cases when you are traveling, and you see a public Wi-Fi, you would connect to it without realizing the consequences of such an action.

There can be a possibility of this particular Wi-Fi being a setup to carry out cyber-criminal activities? No problem! Ivacy provides 256-bit encryption that is too strong to be cracked, which means your connection through Ivacy would be nearly impossible to hack. All these features offered by one brand. Who would have thought?

All these elements combined brings us to a conclusion that Ivacy is a quality VPN with decent speeds, competitive prices, and high-quality customer service.


We would surely recommend Ivacy because you will have the opportunity of having a trusted, secured VPN at an affordable price. Still, the decision is yours!