Attractive appearance is important for a website. An attractive appearance is a reason for website visitors to read the content on the website. Whether visitors will take the time to read your content or not, will depend on how attractive the site you manage. Uninteresting sites will often look low quality even though the content is good. Attractive websites have the potential to positively influence readers’ opinions about the content.

That is true. Writing content that contains extraordinary information is not the only requirement that must be met so that readers return to your site repeatedly. Your website must be attractive compared to your competitor’s website.

Here are some ways to make your site look interesting

Easy to Read

The purpose of the letters is to be read. If the letter you are using is difficult to read, the reader will not only not return to your site, chances are he will leave the site before he even reads the page. That’s why I recommend using a simple font for your letter.

Appropriate color

When choosing colors for a website, you should first decide whether the consumer or visitor you are visiting is male or female. This information will help you choose the appropriate color scheme for your website.

Besides choosing colors that are tailored to the gender of consumers or visitors, you should consider the emotions you want to express. Different colors are known to have different influences on the reader.


At this time, people are evaluating what they see, people are attracted by popular discussions being discussed or discussed by many people. By utilizing the habits of most people, and knowing the topics of discussion that are popular and widely discussed, you can choose the right image for your content or website.

Don’t choose photos just because the photo is good. If the photos on display are not relevant to the topic presented, the reader will feel that the content and photos that you publish are not appropriate. They will judge that your website displays content that is inconsequential and does not match the facts, and then they will no longer visit your website.

Interesting News Points

The captivating headline is an important visual sign that can attract people to your posts if you already use 65 characters, including spaces, wisely. That is the number of characters that will appear in the search results.

People are usually interested in:

Number: Suppose you make a title or sentence in your content like ‘5 ways to …’

Negative words: For example ‘Don’t do … until you read this’

Question: Like ‘Why do you want to sell a house?’

Easy Format

Editing the page format can make the text more interesting than pages that present the same information but are displayed with large text blocks. When someone sees a website, text blocks that can potentially turn their attention to other sites are easier to read. LinkHelpers Web Design Phoenixis an expert on web design who can help you to create your website even more attractive and beautiful. By using an easy format, of course, your reader will enjoy to read some of your posts.

Make your posts more appealing by formatting them so that they can attract people. Because people often view articles quickly without reading them before they start reading, placing important points into a list of sentences makes it easier for readers to focus on what they are looking for.

You can also make text that looks more attractive by changing the design of the text as wide as the screen in some parts to the column in the other section.

Perhaps you occasionally include quotes from experts in your field of interest. Don’t just place quotes between quotes and put them in paragraphs. Boring. To be more interesting, place it separately with a wide margin and italic.