When a website owner chooses a hosting provider, most of them make their choices based on the price and features provided. Few people consider the impact on SEO. This is a mistake. Google and various other search engines use hundreds of different signals in determining the final results of a website. To get the best ranking in search engines, websites need to create high-quality and relevant content, and in accordance with existing technical. With this, a good Web Hosting must be able to provide a way for websites to be more SEO friendly. Here are some factors on web hosting that can have a big impact on SEO:


Search engines prefer to send users to sites that will give them a great experience. The experience can come from relevant content, well-designed features, etc. In addition to that, the performance of web hosting by making websites faster in loading, will also have better impact on LinkHelpers SEO Scottsdale. Google’s open recognition that website speed affects the web ranking factor.


The decline in web performance is natural for Google, even Google tolerates the downtime of a website. However, if a website is often unavailable, search engines like Google will be reluctant to send users to websites that are less reliable. Downtime can affect the ranking of a website. To enter the search index, a website must be regularly crawled. If when crawled, a website is often offline or runs slowly, it will take longer to make their way into the index. A good web hosting certainly must provide reliability in a website so that it affects SEO.


Location alone does not have a huge impact on SEO rankings. Search engines also realize that it’s not always easy to find a server in a country with a target audience. Choosing the right Top Level Domain (TLD) has more impact than IP geolocation, although it certainly doesn’t hurt to place a website on local hosting. Even so, location can affect traffic and make the site slower from the user’s perspective. Google uses tools such as Chrome and Google Toolbar to collect signals, and if a site appears very slowly for some users, it has an impact on its ranking. There are many other things that affect SEO, but the best thing to do is to consider how a web hosting can affect its users. Choosing web hosting will provide the best experience for the user. In addition, with the right web hosting, Google will trust to send its users to your website.