Podcasting has continued its rapid growth in popularity. The level of implementation and acceptance has also been quite promising. This can invariably induce big wins for all those entities looking to promote their products and services. Podcast is popular with the 18-34 year old demographic and that actually makes up 44%  of the global podcasting audience.

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More and more businesses are beginning to unwrap various benefits which podcast can have on their marketing efforts. Among marketing strategies for small businesses, podcasting is normally overlooked for a wide variety of reasons, including a narrow consumer base and affordability.

However, these marketing executives are missing the other advantages that are the chief bi-products of this specific marketing tool. Additionally, they are subscribing to often incorrect myths about the medium, mainly including its affordability. The proper combination of visual and audio assets can really transcend a business’s overall digital marketing reach.

Podcasting in B2B

One of the reasons podcasting in B2B is getting famous is that it does not require substantial capital to implement.  All it needs is just few types of equipment, some studio space and a content plan to get your podcasting episodes ready. With the passage of time and experience, you can always take necessary steps in improvising your podcasting strategies.  

Another reason is that podcasting is known for driving and influencing millions of potential customers to a business that can happen almost overnight. For instance, if your podcasts are awaited by people, they will definitely be looking out to download your content. This significantly helps in forming a strong base of subscribers for your podcast episodes.

How Podcasting Help Small Business?

Podcasting is becoming a valuable part of a small business marketing strategy. Here are some of the chief reasons your business may want to consider podcasting in B2B.

·       Tap New Base of Audience

Podcasting can facilitate you in tapping an entirely new set of audience. An ideal marketing team is always in pursuit of discovering ways to develop new customer line and podcasting helps immensely in this regard. It has been quite frequently observed that even marketers don’t know how people come to know about a podcast, but they visit these channels through thousands from various sources. A lot of people say that they come across a business by chance when they listened to a podcast.

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It has been noted that website traffic almost gets doubled soon after a business launches its podcast marketing campaign. The role of web design will also play an equally vital role in the prosperity of your business. An appealing podcasting episode can tempt an audience to visit your business site.

·       Authoritative & Meaningful Presence

A launch of podcast provides a useful platform for sharing your expertise in your industry. An audio file allows you to penetrate enthusiasm and speaking skills to add an air of authority to the information you are broadcasting, which is often lacking in the world of writing.

Regular podcasts with authentic information and ideas help to establish your brand as a real authority in the business. In a real world scenario, customers want to be part of a business that knows the industry, so the podcasts help build up that trust.

·       High Engagement

Internet is overloaded with an ample amount of written content, as mentioned earlier audio information has proven to be quite influential in engaging customers. This is quite a welcoming break from the monotony. Moreover, it leaves enough room for the speaker to deliver the message in a highly interactive way which traditional written content may not essentially provide.

In a recently conducted survey on 300,000 podcast listeners, it was found out that almost 63% of the respondents had bought what the host had offered and promoted. This illustrates the fact the podcasts can be used extensively in a bid to engage the audience and influence their buying decisions positively.

·       Brand Promotion and Awareness

The consistency of your regular podcasts can do wonders in promoting your brand. You are able to smartly integrate information about your products or services as they relate to the information in the podcast.

For instance, if you an investment adviser or a financial planner, producing a podcast about retirement planning, work in information about your expertise and services you offer in that particular area.

·       Ease of Production

A podcast is extremely easy to produce, irrespective whether you have a commercial location or a home-based one. A computer records the podcast, a microphone picks up the radio, and a high quality microphone makes the podcast sound even better.

A software program can edit an audio file ensuring a quality podcast. This approach of reaching to customers is often more affordable than traditional advertising methods because you can comfortably do it on your own.

The Bottom Line

The constantly changing times have led to the implementation of numerous products of technology in businesses. As different aspects of businesses are dynamically transforming every day with the changing customer requirements and market demands, which has come in the form of a podcast. The sector of B2B has been significantly helped in this regard as podcasting in B2B is on a continuous inclined plane.