One of the challenges when starting a business is finding the right brand or brand for your new business. Business ideas and concepts are in your mind, but names that are suitable to be your business identity are still unthinkable. Impressive trivial, but the process of choosing a brand name sometimes takes a very long time. But you can now ask for help from a brand design agencies if you have difficulty choosing a brand name, it’s easy!

You need to know, brand names have an influence on business success in the long run. A good brand name will be firmly attached to people’s minds. Like instant noodle products, the first brand name that comes to mind is “indomie”. Even though there are many other brands on the market.

In terms of marketing, brand names are one of the most important aspects. The right name will support the branding process so that it is quickly remembered by the community. For that, for those of you who are looking for the right name for your new business, please refer to the following 8 tips.

7 Tips to Make Brand Names that are Easy to Remember by People

1. Never Used by Others

Don’t use brand names that have been used by other people. Look for a brand that is truly new and free of patents. The easy way, you can do a survey by testing the brand name you want to use on the Google search engine. Make sure there is no name that uses it and is not related to bad things on Google. Then you can also check with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property to find out about patents.

2. Unique Name

Create a unique brand name so it’s not the same as the others. You can even make a name that is eccentric because it is very easy for others to remember. But avoid the uniqueness of the brand name not to have a negative connotation, because it will be less good for your business image.

3. Easy to hear and say

Be careful when choosing a brand name. Indeed, the name must be unique but don’t be difficult to hear and say. This is to prevent ambiguity so that people do not pronounce it wrong and do not misunderstand when they hear his name. Names that are easy to hear and say will not make people think first to read them.

4. Short Name

No need to make long names to be different and look creative. There are still many simple and unique names, but they are short and still interesting. If you can, just name two or three syllables. Short brand names will make people easier to remember.

5. Reflect the Product

You can make a brand name that can reflect the product. This is also at the same time to be able to adjust it to market segments. For example, a feminine name for products that target female consumers, or masculine names for products that target male consumers. This can help facilitate the process of branding and recognition in the community.

6. Avoid Use of Abbreviations

For new businesses, avoid using abbreviations or initials. Especially the abbreviation that consists of letters and numbers, because it can confuse people who are first to find out. For example, IM3. It takes time so that people know how to read the right and that IM3 stands for Indosat Multimedia Mobile.

7. Have a Good Meaning

Establishing a business is sure to impress every entrepreneur or entrepreneur. You can make a name that has a positive meaning for your business. Just as parents give names that have a good meaning to their children, so can you look for names that are meaningful to your business brand.